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nobody is invited to send or forward anything at all to


Everything in the archive is, therefore, ipso facto uninvited

Welcome to the spamtrap
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This is an extension of


which is an experiment to see who spams


and how quickly.


Please don't forward spam messages you receive to this address! For two reasons:


  1. It messes up my experiment a little.
  2. It may expose your email address to further spam a lot.


If you want to share spam you've received, have a look at spamsewer.


Bear in mind that many of the addresses you see are falsified, and may belong to innocent parties.


All** email header information is essentially unreliable.


Some spam messages want you to reply to them, and these will use a genuine email address of course. But many others use false reply-to and other fields, harvested like the destination addresses from the web and other sources. These emails may be intended to:


* Get you to click on a link to a website.


* Get you to open an attached file that will install malware on your computer.


* Some may just be there as a smokescreen to try to baffle anti-spam measures.


So the moral is, just because someone's address appears on a spam email, that doesn't make them a spammer. In fact, if you've ever received spam email, then it's quite likely that someone else has received spam that claimed to be from you... and there's nothing you or they can do about it.


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