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on March 1, 2006 at 11:37:34 am

Just to make it quite clear


nobody is invited to send or forward anything at all to spamtrap2@yahoogroups.com


Everything in the archive is, therefore, ipso facto uninvited

Welcome to the spamtrap PBWiki!


This is an extension of






which is an experiment to see who spams




and how quickly.


Please don't forward spam messages you receive to this address! For two reasons:


  1. It messes up my experiment a little.
  2. It may expose your email address to further spam a lot.


If you want to share spam you've received, have a look at spamsewer.


Other sites of interest


Other Yahoo! groups


Groups with public archives


Associated with this site:


  • spamtrap, the group originally set up in conjunction to this wiki. No posts please (see above).



  • ICDF, one of the groups that inspired this one. Set up as a community group and never used, but listed in the Yahoo! directory, and first spammed just hours later. A growing collection of spam, good for a few laughs.


  • cyberchurch forum, where most posts are welcome, includiing spam (also subject of course to Yahoo! terms of service). It has a growing spam collection, and also some replies, as it's also a relatively safe place to reply to spam (again at your own risk - haven't you often been tempted?).


Not associated with this site:


  • AllSpam Nothing but Spammers, Scammers and SUCKERS! If you're here, you're one or the other. Step into our parlor...
  • spam-update is a group to which spammers are invited to post their spam (an interesting logical quandry...)
  • letsspam letsspam ยท Lets SPAM - ADVERTISE HERE OR JUST PLAIN TALK YOUR ASS OFF another open invitation...!
  • evilmidknightbombersspamclub evilmidknightbomber's spam club - spam your ass off then come back and spam again


Groups without public archives


  • spamtrap has no connection to this site and has archiving turned off completely, I guess it's a bit-bucket.


Software, services, etc


  • SpamTrap is an email filtering service, with no connection to this site.


  • Google has lots more hits for spamtrap.


  • How to create a spamtrap, these guys are 'way ahead of me, but on a slightly different tack. They are talking about private spamtraps. Here we are looking at public spamtraps.

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